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Alpine skiing


Please find hier the skiing area's ski map.

The Grand Massif holds 4th place in the ranking of uninterrupted French skiing areas, with pistes for all levels, a summit of 2 500 metres in altitude and many 360°-overview.

The Grand Massif, 270 km of descent: 139 marked pistes (25 green, 52 blue, 44 red and 11 black) and 5 connected stations: Samoëns, Flaine, les Carroz, Morillon and Sixt.

The terrain will delight everyone from the most hardened skier to total beginners.

The Neige et Roc is located 900 m from the Grand Massif Express gondola lift which, in 8 minutes, will take you to Samoëns 1600, leaving from the Grand Massif ski slopes. A free ski-bus stops at the hotel every 15 minutes, taking you straight to the pistes.

Ski bus shuttle schedules

An ESF childcare service is available close to the embarking point of the ski lift. This space has been specially designed with a covered tunnel for the children to reascend the slope.

P'tit montagnard package : children are accompanied from the office of the Ecole de Ski Français in Samoëns to the meeting for the ski lessons. (fee)

More information :, , + 33 4 50 34 43 12

The station's webcams :

The hidden gems of the Grand Massif :

  • The famous Piste Bleue des Cascades, 14 km of waterfall to take your breath away.
  • Several fun zones on the Grand Massif to delight visitors of all ages: "Ze jampark, Ze Forest, woops ; mini boarder, kicks, ze Marvel safari, Ze kids park, Ze Funkypark, Ze septisnake, Ze septisun, La Forêt mystérieuze , Ze Zhinzhon’ne"
  • The 5 km Marvel piste offers a circuit for beginners in the heart of the ancient pine forest.
  • La Combe de Gers, with its 800 m of rugged terrain, is a fabulous off-piste site for adventurous skiers.

Cross-country skiing

  • The Nordic area of Haut Giffre: a variety of winter sports
  • The Joux Plane site, 1700m high. Snow guaranteed all winter long with perfect exposure and a breathtaking view of the Mont-Blanc: 7 different trips for different levels, a Nordic park and a sledging track.
  • In the valley, just by the Neige et Roc Hotel, you can follow along the Giffre a gentle path which will take you to Samoëns, Morillon and Sixt, by villages, in the forest, through plains and by lakes.
  • At the Fer à Cheval, at 950m: a 10 km trip through beautiful landscapes, from the Molliet to the famous Cirque du Fer à Cheval. A lucrative shuttle can drive you from the Tourist Office.
  • The Nordic area of Praz de Lys - Sommand has 60 km of slopes, just 20 km from Samoëns

Try out cross-country skiing at your own pace, for fun:

École du ski français ESF :,, + 33 4 50 34 43 12

Zigzag :,, + 33 6 86 06 07 21

Advantages available when booking on recommendation of the Neige et Roc.

École de ski 360 :,, + 33 4 50 53 38 92

Snowshoe excursions


Over than 15 marked trails to explore with snowshoes, alone or with a guide.

From very easy to fairly difficult trails, you'll find something which will suit you.

Theme days and half-days.

Mireille and Alain : Ecolorado, + 33 6 81 68 79 46

École du ski français ESF :,, + 33  4 50 34 43 12

Bureau des Guides :, + 33 4 50 34 43 12

Cairn :, + 33 4 50 34 48 03  

Mille et une Cimes :, + 33 6 83 19 16 14  

Atypik :, + 33 6 25 70 37 08



Off-piste enthusiasts will love heliskiing: the ideal way to discover the hidden spaces of the Val d'Aoste, Valais Suisse, etc. Escape for a day or more for a unique, unforgettable experience.

École du ski français ESF/ bureau des guides 33  4 50 34 43 12

Zigzag : 33 6 86 06 07 21

École de ski 360 : 33 4 50 53 38 92

Sled dogs

Sled Dog

Paragliding/speed riding


From a very first time to a beginners' training course, this air sport is open to everyone.

Contemplate incredible landscapes from the quiet of the sky.

Discovery flight of 900m from the Plateau des Saix.

Panoramic flight of 1400m with take-off from the Tête des Saix (skiers only).

Discover speed riding: a 3D mix between paragliding and skiing. For experienced skiers only. An unforgettable activity!

Pégase Air Samoëns :, + 33 6 07 14 94 24

Ice waterfalls


Get out your studs and ice axes. With help of a Mountain guide you can visit the various waterfalls of the valley.

Bureau des Guides :, + 33 4 50 34 43 12

Ski touring and Vallée Blanche


The pleasure of getting off-piste and into new territories, uphill with red climbing skins, and downhill through wild open spaces, accompanied by qualified guides.

Ecole du ski français ESF/ Bureau des Guides: 33 4 50 34 43 12

Zigzag: 33 6 86 06 07 21

Cairn: 33 4 50 34 48 03


A top Nordic discipline. It combines the joys of Alpine skiing with those of a horse and horse trailer.

Septiponeys :, + 33 06 03 57 17 01



A fun activity for families or groups of friends.

At Samoëns village: a sledging slope has been created to introduce childrens to the joys of winter sports. The slope is 30m long and 10m width.

At Samoëns 1600: a specially designed sledging area with modules and safety measures.

1 slope for 2-6 year olds, 20m long and 14m width.

1 slope for 6-12 year olds, 60m long and 14m width.

At the Col de Joux Plane: a fun space with a safe sledging slope, at 1700m in altitude.

At Morillon 1100: the slope “Marvel” is reserved for sledging for an exceptional 5 km slope on Wednesdays from 5 pm to 6 pm. Sign up at the ski lift ticket office.

First flight in helicopter


You can do your first flight on board of an helicopter from Samoëns: take off for a first flight full of emotions around of the Giffre valley where you will have a magnificent panorama of the Mont-Blanc.

Mont-Blanc Hélicoptères : +33 4 50 92 78 00

Savoie hélicoptère : +33 4 50 47 25 30

Ice rink


Come and practice your skills or try out ice skating for the first time at the Samoëns outdoor ice rink!



Activities in the village

Cinema « Le Criou »

Settle into a comfortable armchair at Le Criou and watch a movie. 3D and films in original version. Open daily except saturdays.


A little train to show you round Samoëns, a village known for its art and history.

Various circuits are available, with commentary,, + 33 6 10 40 83 08  


A team of experienced nurses offering quality care for children between the ages of 4 months and 14 years., + 33 44 1858 46 88 20

Recreation centre « La Marmotte »

It welcomes children between the ages of 6 and 12 years old for various activities.,, + 33  6 42 57 23 34

The alpine botanic garden « La Jaÿsinia »

Created in 1906 by Marie Louise Cognac Jaÿ, founder of La Samaritaine, it is placed Jardin remarquable de France. It discloses 4800 mountain plants from the 5 continents.

Open daily from 8 am till 12 pm, and from 1:30pm to 4:30pm, except under heavy snow.

Free entrance:, + 33 4 50 34 49 86

Visit of the old town

The Heritage guides will let you discover the village and the incredible sculptures that are situated all around., + 33 4 50 34 40 28

Visit the eco museum

Previously a traditional farmhouse from the 19th century, discover how the village of Samoëns was before., + 33 4 50 34 46 69

François Désarnod's library

Samoëns’ library, a friendly and quiet place, welcomes you every Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 4:30 pm to 7 pm, every Wednesday from 10 am to 12 am and from 4 pm to 7 pm, such as every Saturday from 3 pm to 7 pm. You can just read a book on the spot or subscribe (for a short or a long time). The library proposes many activities too: exhibitions, book clubs, writing activities, French conversation classes, meetings, readings, author meetings, working groups for youngs, evening storytelling… Adults and children are welcomed.

+33 (0)4 50 34 95 77     Mail address: / Website: